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Websites, Data, and IT services

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Build your Website

We can build your website quickly using an existing template such as Bootstrap or Wordpress and add your content, or we can plan it out over time. Getting your website done by a real live professional allows you to collaborate and customize your website over time. That is why many companies hire full stack web developers (like me) full time, rather than using "do it yourself" services.

Dan Will:

  • Get your professional, secure, website online QUICKLY.
  • Get your online store set up, so you can begin making sales.
  • Get your data in order and add whatever programming and analysis needed to meet your business needs.
  • Direct traffic to your website using the latest in SEO strategies.
  • Help you learn what you need to update your own online content and maintain your own blog.
  • Help you with general IT needs for your business.
  • Educate or tutor you on how to use modern applications, websites, and hardware
  • Speak to you in English, not just tech lingo. His experience is not just limited to technology. Before starting his IT career, he has served customers, patients, and his country.

Code Practice

A few years ago I started deep dive learning C# so that I could complete C#.NET projects at FMCA. Some of my code practice was done on CodeFights.com, which is now Code Signal. I also used it to review Python and SQL. My profile on CodeSignal

Other projects

There are other projects I have worked on for my former employers. I can not post them online because the client technically owns the code. We can discuss them and possibly look at some of the code and projects if an in person interview is arranged. I realize some companies do not want to take the time to arrange an in person interview, but I must abide by ethical practices.

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